The liner is one of the most important parts of your pool. It is the first thing that you see when you look at it and is what gives your pool its own style.

We have a huge selection of amazing liners. In store their is a wall of liners to help in your decision. We have a crew that will replace your liner with perfection and in a very timely manner. Call (812)423 -7532, email, or just come in and we can answer all of your questions.

Pool Covers

Automatic Pool Cover

There are many type of pool covers you can have, but none are as easy and convenient as an automatic pool cover. The cover follows a track along the side and rolls up in one end. It takes an easy turn of a key to open or close this pool. Automatic covers are extremely strong and durable.

Fox Liner Lock In

This cover lasts for many years and protects your pool from any type of weather or debris. It locks into your coping all around your pool. It looks magnificent and comes in many different colors.

Anchor Cover

This type of cover is strong and will protect your kids or animals from falling through the cover into the pool. This type of cover comes in two types, a mesh or a solid. The mesh keeps all debris out but water gets through while the solid can keep all types of weather and debris out.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

We have a wide variety of different Aquabots (automatic pool cleaners). Come in to see one in action! Also Fox Pools is the only business in Evansville licensed to work on Aquabots and repair them.

aquabot2We stock many different types of automatic cleaners from the Pool Rover to the Aquabot Turbo. Fox Pools is also the only licensed Aquaboth repair center in a xxx mile radius! We can fix anything from worn drive belts to a cleaner that isn’t working at all. Most parts are in stock for a quick repair.


Fox Pools stocks all chemicals to keep your pool or spa water chemistry in perfect balance.


Fox Pools has everything you need to keep your pool or spa clean and running perfectly.

From brushes and vacuum accessories to floats and pool games. We also stock most replacement parts for your pool equipment. Stop in and see our wide selection.

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